Japanese American news published in English language only

With the recent closure of the two remaining Japanese American bilingual dailies, NikkeiWest is now Northern California’s oldest and longest running Japanese American newspaper in production.

The misconception that our publication’s readers are fluent in Japanese is often misleading. Since 99% of our readers are American-born, English is our primary language and therefore, most of us are not fluent in Japanese. If you’re looking to reach this viable American-born generation, this is the publication for you.

Our readers are college-educated, homeowners, two-parent structured family, and are professionals or are employed in private or government sector professions. About 63% of our readers are women and the remaining are male readers. We try and cater to the “Baby Boomer” generation, those with families and living in the mid-to upper-income bracket.

NikkeiWest was established in 1992 so Nikkei readers can be informed of current events, news, sports, and articles of interest that are directly related to their Japanese American culture and heritage. Because mainstream news often chooses not to print ethnic news, we try and provide as much coverage as allowable.

The paper is sent to subscribers via USPS First Class and distributed at selected retail outlets after the 10th and 25th of each month.

We are now the oldest all-English language publication for Japanese Americans in the Northern California region; and the first in California to print in full color as a regular run.

NikkeiWest was the first Nikkei publication to have Internet presence and provide e-commerce for its readers. Always leading by using the latest technological advances, we were the first to introduce e-commerce to our readers back in 1999, Flash in 2005, and now using CMS in web design.

NikkeiWest can help any business reach this viable community by creating a direct link between its readers and advertisers.