How can I get NikkeiWest to do a story I’d like published?

Contact our office by phone or email. We will review the story with our staff for relevance to our readership. If accepted, we will contact you within 48 hours.

How do I send press releases and/or announcements?
We prefer email, as it is the fastest and most reliable. The other methods are faxing or sending via USPS.

How do I notify you of a change of address?
We prefer email or calling us directly.

How can I get an article published even though your deadline has passed?
The very latest I can accept an article for publishing is 72 hours prior to the publishing date. But it will have to be sent via email. Faxes are not accepted in this short time frame.

How come you don’t have a phone number for faxes?
We have eliminated faxes as editing these documents takes a tremendous amount of time versus cutting and pasting.

My subscription has been arriving days after your stated printing date. What happened?
This has been an ongoing problem for us and we are very frustrated with the USPS. We’ve located the problem and it is with the USPS Bulk Mailing Sorting Facility. Because NikkeiWest is a newspaper of general circulation, it has been discovered that our mailings have been identified as 3rd class mailings and given a lower delivery status because of its similarity. On the front page, there is a First Class indicia indicating expedient service, but the mailings are not always processed that way, even though we are paying premium price for the service. We are constantly in contact with the USPS to resolve this ongoing problem. At this time, the USPS will not issue any refunds or credits. We have submitted refund claim forms but all were rejected. This is a very unacceptable means of service the USPS is providing, but I have no other means of delivery options at this time.
The other occasional issue is our new printing facility. Our old printer was able to print our newspaper in 8 hours or less. Our new printer requires scheduled print jobs in 48 hours, so sometimes they delay our production since we are low on their priority list. Weekend and holidays will affect printing delivery times too.

You recently published a story with a photo of someone I know. Can I get a copy of the photo?
It depends on the ownership of the photo. If NikkeiWest took the photo, you can request a copy at no charge. The image will be sent via email to you. If the photo was taken by a third party, then they would have to be contacted for authorization.

How do I get a copy of a past issue?
We only have copies of the four most recent issues published. After that, copies are earmarked for recycling. Almost all past issues (1993 to present) of NikkeiWest are available as electronic files (Adobe PDF). Contact us for a PDF of a particular issue. Please be aware that if a file is sent to you, it will be quite large, about 10-15 MBs in size. Please make sure your ISP or email server can handle a large file. We recommend FTP if you are familiar with that program.

How can I get copies of NikkeiWest in our store or area?
We are very selective where NikkeiWest is distributed. Some locations might not be feasible and/or would require added fees to distribute. Please contact us for more information.

How can we link to your website? 
Submit a request via email and indicate your website’s URL. We will have to verify authenticity and relevance to be linked. Not all request are approved.


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